28 Juli 2009


yesterday we ( me, gigih, cita, and agnes ) went to blitz megaplex at teras kota BSD :) haha new cheapest blitz at BSD, COOL !
umm, before blitz, we go to met yulia and chesa at d'cost then went to blitz, we were decided to watched "public enemies" bought 4 tickets and choosed row E 13-16 :)
woaaah..! johny depp ! totally handsome and awesome :D:D♥♥

2 hours watched, agnes sister's picked her up-went home, then we ate at koi teppanyaki, japanese food YUMMY hehe, ooh i bought 2 korean dvds haha
still 8pm,we went to our friend's house, putu.. she was sick.. get well soon putu, so we can blitz-ing together hehe :)

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