16 Juli 2009

July 14th

didn't know why, i felt so sleepy.. i woke up at 5am for sholat subuh and back to my room for sleep again haha.. i hope i could sleep for a long time, not very long, 5 hours more lah..
but.... i couldn't, i felt my room was getting hot, someone turn off the air conditioner,hh, come on i just wanna relax for a momment :(..
ok fine ! i got up from my bed, took a shower and have a breakfast..
just stay at home, watching some dvd that i bought on monday ( 17th again and princess protection program)

hehe, really love to watch dvd at home cos i have a flat screen TV and home theatre, so feels like watching on cinema :D..

ooh yeah, i went to salon, got some hair treatment, i always do that 2 times a month. :):)


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