16 Juli 2009



Anyone knows where did i go yesterday??? guesses..
give up?? ok, i tell you now, i went to . . . . . . .
B A N D U N G !! yihaaaa :D !!
very happy guys, that was the first time i go there, believe it? haha
my friends shocked when they were knew i never go to bandung before and they said " wth ! ci, it just 2 hours from jakarta, are you serious never go to bandung?"
i didn't care what they say haha whatever lah, let's skip it..
well, arrived at 10am..
1st go inside the boutique, search some clothes,jeans bla bla bla, but i've got nothing
2nd went to "masjid agung" for sholat zuhur then went to ciwalk, and you know, we get lost in bandung hahaha dumb !..
umm, at ciwalk we ate bakso keju, so yummy :9 hhe
3rd boutique again, and bought something..

4pm we were back to jakarta, hhh tired to the max ! but FUN haha


*not really like bandung city (more crowded than jakarta)

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