17 Juli 2009


Same as tuesday, yesterday just stayed at home ( fasting :D ) and DVD-ing again..
watched "ink heart", good movie ! you should watch it.. :)

i don't wanna go anywhere, just fb-ing skype-in plurk-ing or go to in front of tv, turn on the dvd player and watch my dvd's collection (korean movies) woot woot ! haha :D
ok, i think i'll do the last hehe, i've new korean dvd, "cinderella man" !!

umm, tonight is a promnite, i'm supposed to attend it but ... i'm not.. :(
it's because of my dad, he's not give me permission to attend promnite, he said that promnite is not important thing, just wasting alot of money for buy a dress and bla bla bla..
He prefers if i give the money for peoples who really need it, example : to orphanage, or just save the money in the bank for my future..
hh, i think he's right.


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