22 Juni 2009

Annoying headache :(

Today i went to tanah abang with my mom hahaha, actually i'm lazy to go there because today is monday and usually tanah abang is more crowded than others day, buuut my mom asked me to accompany her, so i said "yes, sure mom let's go.."

OK !! like what i thought beforeee, so crowded in there, alot of people,car,etc..
aaaand the weather was killing me ! rrrrrr so HOT ! (mom i dont even want to go there again on monday)..
that's why i got headache :'( huhu

OOOH! almost forgot, you know what guys? i'm really happy now, yippieeee hahaha. He sang with his friend(azmi :) ) for me...
but, i didnt talk alot, because.. you know, annoying headache..

anyway thanks hakim and azmi haha :D

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