28 Juni 2009

Big Brother

Morning all :D
Happy sunday, rite?
dunno what to write on actually..

ok, so let's talk about my big brother haha
actually he is my ex-boyf, but now he is being my best best friend and brother.. :):)
i always share all of my problems with him and he won't let anyone hurt me.. awww so sweet haha
i call him rian, he's kind, funny, care, and
CUTE.. he likes to cook ( haha), go to the fitness center, play basketball, watch movie (action,horror, and comedy) and his favorite music is JAZZ !! (love jazz too, so cool !).. ooh he have a pretty good voice, i loved to listen to him singing while he was playing the guitar..

you know guys?, we haven't met (face to face) for 1 year since we broke up..
well, but we are still chat on msn or facebook, and sometimes he call me or i call him (by phone)..

aaaaand this is him :

wearing blue t-shirt on the right

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