17 Juni 2009

Tuesday nite

umm, I have a boyf ,we are supposed to have a relationship, but it doesn’t even look like one (relationship).

He always waste his time with his friendsss, arrrrgh he never knew what I feel.. sadness and lonesome, yeah that’s what I feel..

One day he said something to me that made me dissapointed, he said that he couldn’t have a long distance relationship with me, not reasonable I thought :’(.. Day by day, I always think about what he said, asked all off my friends to get some advice that I hope they can solve my problem.. but, they all said the same“I think you’d better break up with him chi, coz LDR are not working”..….

Hh, well, finally we broke up last nite…

Hope the decision that I made would be the best for both of us.. oh god please help me so I can go through all of these..

OK guuuyss, just enjoy life and keep smiling..

now, i wanna tell you about what i did last night with my friend hakim, well we chatted and webcammy haha :D, he sang my favorite song, for you i will-teddy geiger and played the guitar too..

ooh, he draw some pictures for me (flowers and patrick)..

THANKS ALOT KIM !!! you always make me like this :D:D:D:D smile..hahaha

well, see these..

(nice snapshoot, rite? :D)

2 komentar:

  1. sabar chi. yaa mungkin itu yg terbaik buat lo berdua. yang ini ganteng chi. huahuhau

  2. hahahahaha, semua aja ro posted blog gw lo comment, iya ganteng2 hahahaha, tp tmn doang ini maah ehehee